What does it mean to “raise the bar?”

Raising the bar is part of Amazon's Hire and Develop the Best Leadership Principle: hiring and promoting candidates who demonstrate they are the best person to perform that job. It also means hiring a candidate with proficiency, or super powers, in areas that bring more to the job. For example, a program manager may be able to construct SharePoint workflows or have advanced Excel skills, which are not required for the role. With these qualities, they raise the bar on the role and may be better than 50% of the PMs in the organization.

Amazon Leadership Principles

Amazon’s Leadership Principles form the core of the company’s DNA.  Some are foundational, others procedural, and all of them reflect essential facets of what it means to be Amazonian.  But our Leadership Principles are more than cultural artifacts – they are, in fact, central to how we operate.

What I look for when interviewing

  1. Ability to do job (Functional Fit) 
  2. Fit to company (Leadership Principals)

Picture them in Amazon!!!

Bish script, how many errors can you find...

Error laden bash script

I Use it in interviews to test candidate scripting knowledge:


If [$1] then
 Echo (“Hello”)