Templates for abrupt absence from Office

Templates for abrupt absence from Office. Copy/Paste

  1. Morning Team, I am  not feeling well and will take off to rest.
  2. Morning team, I couldn't get a proper night's sleep and don't feel well enough to work today. 

Completed the New Hire Training

Most amazing onboarding experience at Amazon - One month of NHT completed today... Made so many friends in the first month, will forever be my batch-mates :)

Working backwards....

Amazon has a zillion piculiarities, and one I learned today is "working backwards"

At Amazon, our most successful projects start with the customer and work backwards.

Whether it's a new product, a new feature, or a program, the Working Backwards process helps you achieve clarity about the customer benefits before you start building. The process includes writing an Internal Working Backwards Press Release to help you imagine what customers will say or feel when you launch. Focusing on the desired end state frees you from being constrained by what's technically or operationally possible and enables us to think big about delighting customers. Starting with the Press Release tests the customer value of your ideas--which projects should you work on?--and helps you crystallize